IMI produces turf mixes for both new and existing golf course greens in Indiana. We also produce bunker and top dressing sand for the upkeep of your putting and sand trap areas. If you are responsible for the upkeep of your golf course, contact us to talk about your groundskeeping needs.

IMI Golf Course Products

In Indiana, 765-674-3338
or 317-501-0028

Golf course sand

IMI produces the following sand mixes to service the everyday needs of golf course superintendents.
S-1 Natural Bunker Sand
S-2 Putting Green Construction/ Top-dress Sand (1mm)
S-3 Fine Top-dressing Sand (0.5mm)

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Turf mixes

Our combinations of fine sand, peat humus, sphagnum and soil can be custom ordered or are available in our standard mixes.
M-1 Divot Mix 80% Sand/ 20% Peat Humus
M-2 Greens Mix Construction 85% Sand/ 15% Sphagnum
M-3 Divot Mix 60% Sand/ 20% Peat Humus/ 20% Soil
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